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Welcome to Woven Treasures!

The experience associated with visiting Woven Treasures - located in Center City Philadelphia (the South Street West area at 23rd and South Street) - is similar to visiting an art museum but with an archeological component.

Woven Treasures offers a wide-variety of handmade treasures: antique oriental rugs, Serapi, semi-antique, contemporary - such as over-dyed and patchwork rugs - prayer rugs, and Kilim (flat tapestry-woven rugs.) We also carry tiles and decorative items, such as embroidered “suzani” (suzani actually means embroidery,) table clothes, handbags, bedspreads, unique upholstery, and wall hangings. An unusual collection of tribal art is also found at Woven Treasures.

Part of what gives Woven Treasures its museum-like quality, rests in the fact that it sells work from all over the world. The rugs sold at Woven Treasures are made from both silk and wool, and represent the Oriental, Persian, Arabian and Parisian cultures. And the difference in culture is reflected by different design techniques and patterns for each rug. The design of the Persian rug for example, is based on the asymmetrical Senneh Knot, whereas the Turkish Knot is symmetrical. Rugs with floral patterns historically hail from the city. Conversely, rugs with geometric patterns traditionally have more tribal and cottage origins. Similar distinctions apply to the kinds of tiles sold at Woven Treasures. Tiles with an Eastern influence have geometric lines to convey beautiful or heavenly aspects of life. And tiles with a Western influence contain more concrete images.

The rugs found at Woven Treasures truly come from all over the world, not just from the old Silk Road. They are from Afghanistan, Africa, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bukhara, the Caucasus, China, Hamadan, Heriz, India, Iran, Isfahan, Karabagh, Kazakhstan, Khamseh, Konyeh, Kurdish areas, Navajo and other Native American, Pakistan, Saruk, Senneh, Shiraz, Shirvan Tabriz, Tibetan, Tribal, Turkish, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan.

Woven Treasures primarily serves Philadelphia, the Mainline and other suburban areas, as well as New York, New Jersey and Delaware. We have more than 2500 loyal customers, both individuals and corporate and business customers. We work with many designers from the region. And again, Woven Treasures won the “Best of Philly 2012” from Philadelphia Magazine.

What’s Going on at Woven Treasures

  • Woven Treasures’s New Website Launch!
    We have recently had our website redesigned to reflect our standards as a superior rug merchant and repair shop. There are many pictures and a lot of information for our readers as you look through the site. If you don’t see something you’re looking for, we encourage you to send...
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